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Problems installing informix

Plinio Coutinho Barreto
Occasional Visitor

Problems installing informix

I have INFORMIX IDS2000 being installed in a rp5470 hp-ux 11.11. The problem is that my installation is taking more than two weeks, it seems that I don't have any problem in logs besides the amount of time that it's taking. Has anyone had this kind of problem?
harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: Problems installing informix


Is this a NEW machine or had the OS recently rebuilt?

How much memory and how many CPU's?

Are there any other users on the system?

Are you using internal disk drives?

Does the machine have all of the required patches (did you check with IBM - owner of Informix)?

live free or die
harry d brown jr
Live Free or Die
Occasional Advisor

Re: Problems installing informix

give smal amount of DB sizes for Physical DB and logs.

if you give big chunk size, it will take long.

use the "-i" option while installing. it will tell you what is delaying the process