Probs mounting USB-device

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Probs mounting USB-device

Hi all!
Some days ago I bought me an ARCHOS Jukebox Recorder for usage on journeys. My OS is SuSE-Linux 7.3 (kernel 2.4.10) on an HP OmniBook 4150b (P3/650). Now my problem: When I boot the system with the JB connectet ther's no problem. But when I connect it during work it is not always recognized.

The USB- and SCSI-support in the kernel is activated.

Does anyone can give me an advice
Craig Kelley
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Re: Probs mounting USB-device

I'd note which kernel modules are installed when the device is working properly (lsmod) and then, if SuSE doesn't auto-detect it when it is hot-plugged, you can insert the particular module that configures the device manulally (modprobe). I do this with my flashcard reader all the time.
Kodjo Agbenu
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Re: Probs mounting USB-device


SuSE implements the USB hotplug using the "usbmgr" daemon.
In /etc/usbmgr, there are 2 configuration files :

=> "host" contains the USB driver to be used (usb-uhci or uhci or ohci or ehci).
Leave this untouched.

=> "usbmgr.conf" specifies to the usbmgr daemon information about which kernel module(s) to be loaded after a USB device is plugged.

For example to make my CD-Writer recognized, I had to add these lines :

# CD-Writer Plus 8220e/8230e [HP]
vendor 0x3f0 product 0x207 module scsi_mod, sr_mod, usb-storage

To obtain the vendor and product IDs of your JB, have a look in /var/log/messages or check "/proc/bus/usb/devices".

At last, make sure that usbmgr is automagically started at boot. In /etc/rc.config : START_USB="yes"

Good luck.

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Re: Probs mounting USB-device

I found a solution on my own:

This link may help - on my OB4150b now it works!