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RAM Disk

R Tansley
Occasional Visitor

RAM Disk

I am writing lots (approx 30,000 30K files) to a directory. I'm speculating
that by creating a RAM Disk the process will be quicker.

Can someone give me directions in creating a 1 or 2 Gig RAM DISK on a HP UNIX
10.20 system?

I know how to do it in DOS and SCO, but not with HP UNIX.

Thanks in advance,
Dan Hull
Regular Advisor

Re: RAM Disk

Have you tried increasing your disk cache? If your kernel parameter dbc_max_pct
is lower than 25%, try increasing it. This may result in the performance
improvements you're looking for.

As for a RAM disk, I suspect there's a way to do it, but there isn't a
"supported" or "HP recommended" way.