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RHEL5 refresh unionfs mount

Regular Advisor

RHEL5 refresh unionfs mount

Gurus Good day,


I have setup a "unionfs mount" on one of my Linux systems, RHEL5, and would like to know how I can 'refresh' the mount point.


As an example I have deleted a file on the unionfs mount, unmounted it and remounted it, the file I removed still 'appears to be deleted, even though I can see it in the actual directory.


How can I  force a refresh of the unionfs mount?

Below is the script I used to unmount and remount, I have tried to mount -t unionfs ........ (as in the script, with a remount option but get the error below


fuse: unknown option `remount'
FATAL: unionfs mount failed!



# Manage local unionfs mounts

function die() {
        echo "FATAL: $@"
        exit 1

while getopts "b:o:u" OPT ; do
        case "$OPT" in
        "b") BASE="$OPTARG";;
        "o") OVERLAY="$OPTARG";;
        "u") UNDO=1;;


                fusermount -u "$MOUNTPOINT"
echo "Unmounting file system, please wait............................"
sleep 10

if mount | grep -q "$MOUNTPOINT"; then
        # Not Mounted
         unionfs -o cow,uid=$(id -u),gid=$(id -g),umask=022,allow_other "$OVERLAY=RW:$BASE=RO" "$MOUNTPOINT" || die "unionfs mount failed!"


Any ideas.................





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