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ROOT filesystem set to read-only in /etc/fstab

Gerald Penyweit
Occasional Contributor

ROOT filesystem set to read-only in /etc/fstab

I accidentally and regretfully
set the root filesystem in
/etc/fstab to read-only. Now
when I boot, certain files
that are touched and are
critical to system operation
are not created. Is there a
way to change the root file-
system to become write at
boot prompt at (re)boot time
so that I can change this field for the root filesystem
to write in the /etc/fstab file?

Thank you.

Life is beautiful
Josh Owings
Frequent Advisor

Re: ROOT filesystem set to read-only in /etc/fstab

Have you tried booting with a recovery CD or floppy and then editing your /etc/fstab file?

That would be the first thing that I would try.
Tony Young
Occasional Advisor

Re: ROOT filesystem set to read-only in /etc/fstab

Fairly easy to fix.
Reboot your machine and start linux in single user mode.
That is, if your boot section is called 'linux' then type in 'linux s' at the lilo boot prompt. If you're using grub, edit the boot entry and stick 's' at the end.

This will eventually give you a root prompt with a read-only /. Remount / with rw:
'mount -o remount,rw /'

You can now edit your /etc/fstab and either continuing booting, or reboot.

Josh Owings
Frequent Advisor

Re: ROOT filesystem set to read-only in /etc/fstab

Please don't forget to provide points to people who take time out of their busy day to try to help you out.

A few points is a small thing to ask for free answers and suggestions.

Thank you,
Josh Owings