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Raw Validation Check Error, Please Help !!

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Alejandro Izurieta
Occasional Contributor

Raw Validation Check Error, Please Help !!

I'm giving support to the DBA of my company in creating a new data base on Oracle_RAC, I follow all the steps for creating the estructure and the pkg on the cluster, but the DBA report me a problem when he is using the tool dbca for create the new database, the error is the next:

Raw Validation check for Data File "/u01/oracle/oradata/ecm/undotbs2.dbf" failed, open{} for "/u01/oracle/oradata/ecm/undotbs2.dbf file failed

I have the lvol(raw device) created and linked for the raw device undotbs2 on all the nodes in the cluster, i need some idea for resolve this issue, thanks to all !!!
Honored Contributor

Re: Raw Validation Check Error, Please Help !!


This is a known problem.

Please refer to metalink note: 217319.1

Subject: Raw Device Validation Check When Using DBCA to Create a RAC Database

The problem could be any of:
The raw device is either not readable/writable at the location specified, you are attempting to use a certified shared filesystem (CFS, NFS, etc...), or you do not have user equivelance set up.

Possible solutions are provided there.

kind regards

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Alejandro Izurieta
Occasional Contributor

Re: Raw Validation Check Error, Please Help !!

Ok Yogeeraj I will check on metalink and let you know if i can resolve the issue, tha you very much for your response !!!
Alejandro Izurieta
Occasional Contributor

Re: Raw Validation Check Error, Please Help !!

Was a extrange problem whit the permission, but is solved, thanks for your help.