RealPlayer on Linux

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Praveen Bezawada
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RealPlayer on Linux

I have recently installed Linux on my PC. I have downloaded the real player from net. I got a file rp7_linux_sparc_cs2.bin.
How do I install this file.
Thanks in advance
Dave Kelly_1
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Re: RealPlayer on Linux

I checked the download page at

It looks like you have downloaded the wrong file. SPARC is for Solaris. You need to select Linux 2.x (libc6 i386) for PCs.

The installation instructions are displayed on the download page.

You need to use the following command:

rpm -i rp7.linux20.libc6.i386.cs1.rpm
K.C. Chan
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Re: RealPlayer on Linux

To be on the save side use
rpm -Uvh rp7.linux20.libc6.i386.cs1.rpm
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Stuart Browne
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Re: RealPlayer on Linux

Dave, just to clarify a little bit.

SPARC is a hardware platform provided by the group 'Sun Microsystems'. It's a RISC based processor system.

From distribution, they usually run Solaris, but they can also run Linux (and there are many very happy Sun boys and girls running Linux on their little sparkies).

A paralell can be drawn between Sun and HP in this reguard. IE: PA-RISC systems are distributed by HP with HPUX on them. Unfortunately, Linux for PA-RISC is only under development from what I've heard however *pout*.
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