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Realtek Cardbus under Linux

Corey Helms
Occasional Contributor

Realtek Cardbus under Linux

Does anyone have a Realtek 8139 Cardbus card working under linux on a Pavilion laptop? Mine does not seem to work, and I am basicly out of options at to what I should do to make it work.
Vinod Asokan
Occasional Contributor

Re: Realtek Cardbus under Linux

My laptop has a RealTek Card.I could get it up and running using RedHat Linux 7.1.
Infact, RedHat has an object module "8139too.o"
in the lib/modules/2.4.../kernel/drivers/net directory. All you have to do is install the module using "insmod 8139too.o".
Now u ping your Ip it must be running.
Of course u might be knowing.. if u want the module to be installed to kernel at boot, use linuxconf and add the module name aginst eth0.
I dont think previous versions of RedHat has this, I could not do it.
Hope this will solve your problem..