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Redhat memory question

Jimmy Tom_2
Frequent Advisor

Redhat memory question

I keep reading that RedHat doesn't really handle +3 GB RAM per process on either Itanium or Opteron. Can anyone confirmation this. If this is true then any indication when this limit will be overcome?

thx in advance
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Redhat memory question

Both 64 bit chips mentioned CAN handle RAM figures greater than 2 GB.

AS to one process getting that much memory, that is not terribly likely, even with oracle and a large database.

The chips can definetely address memory amounts in chunks larger than 2 GB. Thats on Intel's web site.

A search for Itanium on Red Hats web site will lead you to the info you desire.



Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Martin P.J. Zinser
Honored Contributor

Re: Redhat memory question


the current limit (RHEL 3) seems to be 3.7 GB for x86. I did not find specific information on IA64 or Opeteron on their pages besides of the slightly surprising that the total amount of memory supported under x86 is 64 GB, IA64 32 GB and Opteron only 16 GB. So it looks like the two ports still have some catching up to do.

Greetings, Martin
dirk dierickx
Honored Contributor

Re: Redhat memory question

if you have PEA enabled linux will be able to address all the memory in you machine (+4GB ram) if not, you will only be able to address a max of 4GB. keep in mind that PEA introduced a performance penalty.
now, a process itself can only grow up to 3GB in size, no mather how much RAM your box has and afaik this is on all platforms.