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Relationship between PRM output and sar output

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Relationship between PRM output and sar output

What is the meaning of prmmonitor column CPU used ?

CPU CPU PRM Group used
OTHERS 1 10% 0.0%
admin 2 30% 0.5%
outdoor 3 35% 0.0%
indoor 4 25% 5.6%

What is the relationship between 'CPU entitlement and CPU used' and the information from SAR.
Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Relationship between PRM output and sar output

PRM stands for Process Resource Manager. You create resource thresholds via xprm.

The command sar -u 5 5 reads the current consumption of resources, while PRM is the high water mark usually used to failover in a ServiceGuard cluster.

Note: Use to be a bug in PRM where you had to first max out your resource and failover first, before the PRM threshold went into place.
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