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Relinking Oracle after LibC patch

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Tony Williams
Regular Advisor

Relinking Oracle after LibC patch

I need to install the latest HP-UX 11.11 LibC
patch to resolve a HP OV DBSPI problem. Do I need to relink Oracle 8.1.7 after the LibC patch install?
Aashish Raj
Valued Contributor

Re: Relinking Oracle after LibC patch


Pls use the relink all command to relink the oracle after setting proper environment like SHLIB_PATH,LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Tom Geudens
Honored Contributor

Re: Relinking Oracle after LibC patch

Yes, that would be advisable.
The commands are (I believe, check this !) :
make -f install
make -f client_sharedlib
make -f utilities

A life ? Cool ! Where can I download one of those from ?
T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: Relinking Oracle after LibC patch

When you are re-linking oracle make sure that you shutdown your database and the listener.

The later version of oracle have the relink executable at


you can use

$relink all

which will re-link all the executables.

Make sure that you set your
$ORACLE_HOME/lib in your SHLIB_PATH variable.
If you are using 64 bit oracle version make sure also you have $ORACLE_HOME/lib64 in the SHLIB_PATH variable.