Remote VCRM access issue


Remote VCRM access issue

Hi all

customer has setup a SIM 5.1 server & he has configured VCRM (2.1.6..) at 4 remote locations on prolient 3000 server ( PSP 7.60 )

When customer try to select the remote VCRM it shows the following error message

"Error retrieving repository. Be sure a trust relationship is established with the repository device"

We have tried selceting trust all , trust by name , trust by certificate still it shows the same error.

In s/w colum for the particuler Node ( proliant 3000 ) it shows yellow mark, In SMH also it is showing a yellow mark.

Attached is the screenshot for the reference.

Locally configured VCRM near to SIM server is shwoing the proper VCRM status.

Need help .....