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Restore database software from backup tape

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Restore database software from backup tape

Hi all

If I lost all my oracle software ,let say /oracle/product was removed.
Can I restore all oracle software from backup test? It will work or not?
I understand that if I re-install , it will work, but I would like to test my backup stategies by restore it from backup.

Any idea or thought would be appreciated

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Patrick Wallek
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Re: Restore database software from backup tape

If the /oracle/product/* directories were lost, then yes you SHOULD be able to restore those from your backup tape and have them work without a problem.

If you have a test box available to you then do a backup and then move the /oracle/product/whatever_version directory somewhere else and try restoring it from tape. Testing is always the surest way to see if you backups will work.

Just keep in mind that unless you bring your database down, or are doing hot backups with the database in backup mode, you database (.dbf files, etc.) it will be difficult to restore your database itself, which is probably more important.
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Re: Restore database software from backup tape

keep in mind that make the datafiles and control files in same backup version.
Indira Aramandla
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Re: Restore database software from backup tape

Hi Sonny,

Yes when you want to test this backup/rstore make sure your oracle database for the version of the product that you want to restore is down. And also after the restore of the products directory, re-create any soft links that were pointing to the pfile (init_sid.ora) file and any for tnsnames.ora and listener.ora files. Once you have restored then check for all the links and try to startup the database and you can test by loging on to SQLPLUS or svrmgrl and selecting the datafile, log files and control files names and locations and verifing.
As a pre-cautionary, take a full cold backup of the database and make sure you have a successfull backup of the file system thta has the oracle/product.
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Restore database software from backup tape

If the data was backed up cold, you can resore no problem. If the database was open and there were no transaction you can do a fuzzy recovery. Don't ask Oracle for help.

A backup of the /oracle/product directory can be restored no problem. Make sure the database is down so there are no open file problems. Doesn't sound like thats an issue here.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
T G Manikandan
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Re: Restore database software from backup tape

Getting back the software installation is not a problem but bringing back the oracle database online depends on the type of backup strategy you follow for the oracle

1.Let's say you have only the Oracle installation files in the /oracle/product dir then restoration will bring back the oracle software.This is not a problem.

2.If you have oracle sofware + database files(control files,data files,log files) inside the /oracle/product dir.
then if only you had a proper cold backup of oracle your database will be restored completely.

1.If you had not done a cold backup(backup after shutting down of database) of oracle database, or a proper hot backup then your database restoration will be a incomplete recovery.