Route problem

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Route problem


I have this HP-UX machine in another subnetwork.
I added a route in this machine as
route add 1 and to make it permanent, I have updated netconf file.
After I do 'route -f' and '/sbin/init.d/net start' , I can telnet to this machine from the remote network for first 5 minutes.. after that I'm not able to reach this machine from a remote network.

What could be the problem..

Can these two route entries co-exist in the table ..?
results of 'netstat -rn' Boston U 2 lan0 1500 UG 0 lan0 1500

'Boston ' is the machine that i'm working on..
Stuart Browne
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Re: Route problem

Apart from the fact that it looks like you're using HP-UX and not linux from the commands and ouptuts given, here's a few words.

The destination host appears to be '11.255.23.xx' (you don't specify), and your own host 'Boston' appears to be on the same subnet.

You shouldn't need to add a gateway for local network traffic.

However, using '255' as part of your network address is just wrong, and I'm amazed it works *at all!*.

The usable range of byte values in an ip address range from 1-254 (in a standard network environment). Usually the values 0 and 255 are reserved for network/broadcast addresses and subnet mask's only.

If using smaller than 24 bit netmasks however, there can be other un-usable values.

The fact this works for a short period of time at all is the miracle.
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Laurie Gellatly
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Re: Route problem

What are :
1) IP address/Subnet Mask and default gateway
for Boston?
2) IP address/Subnet Mask and default gateway
for other machine?
3) routing tables for both machines?

...Laurie :{)
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Jeroen Peereboom
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Re: Route problem