SCSI controller problem

Bruno Cunha
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SCSI controller problem

Hello all, I have a Tekram DC-395UW SCSI controller capable of doing 40MB/S max transfer rate at 16bit in SE mode, also have a Quantum Atlas 10K 9GB LVD HDD (68 pin), the problem is that I can only get the HDD to work if I force the controller to work at 20MB/S with the 8bit mode (narrow mode), I have also the jumper SE set to on in the HDD. How can I set the tranfer rate to 40MB/S and make the HDD work ? The SE jumper set to on in the HDD decreses the tranfer rate of the disk to 20MB/S ???

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Frank Gilsdorf

Re: SCSI controller problem


do you use Suse or Redhat? The driver for Redhat is not included in kernel.

Anyway, use the new version at

Compile it with make install

And have a look to the READMEs

Bruno Cunha
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Re: SCSI controller problem

Hi, this is more a hardware question, at the software part it's all working fine.
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John Russell_6
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Re: SCSI controller problem

Hi Bruno,

Do you have any other devices on the SCSI bus ?

From the Tekram website :-
" LVD devices are backward compatible to Single Ended adapters as long
as the system and the drives are configured correctly. When
attaching LVD devices to Single Ended, Wide or Narrow adapters, the
following applies:
LVD hard disk drives have no termination on the drive.
You must provide termination externally, either from another
device or from a separate termination block.
Depending on how the adapter handles the "Diff Sense" line on the
interface, you may need to set the jumper on the drive to Force
Single Ended mode."

Since Maxtor have taken over Quantum all the info for your drive is now on the Maxtor website

Hope this helps.