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SQL 2000 client connectivity

Karthik S S
Honored Contributor

SQL 2000 client connectivity


We have a requirement to test connectivity of clients to the SQL 2000 database. I am very new to this :-( ... well, what I need to accomplish is when the database is running all the clients should be able to connect to it also when the SQL system goes down for some maintenance the clients should not abort the connection but should keep on trying to reestablish the connection. Once the SQL server comes back online the clients must be able to reconnect to the database with out any intervention.

My questions are,

1.) What is the client software required to accomplish this?? I also need to know if it is possible to set a timeout period for the reconnection to the database.

2.) Does the default Client tools that come with SQL2000 support this kind of re-connection?

3.) What happens to the transaction that might be happening when the server goes down? Can we recall/recover these transactions?

Please help.

Karthik S S
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Keith Bevan_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: SQL 2000 client connectivity


Below is a htm link to some SQL2000 Online help documents:-


The documents discuss Sql2000 Connectivity and specifically what happens to orphaned processes, and more importantly how to prevent them using :-

KeepAliveTime for TCP/IP
SessionKeepAlive for NetBios

This is a useful start point and should get you on the way.

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