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Hi all

My Oracle database resides in another Unix HP box.

I have configured Oracle Client on another HP Unix box as the application server. However when I try to do a 'sqlplus system/manager', it gives me oracle error 12545. But if I do 'sqlplus system/manager@SAPDB', it does not have any error and the SQL prompt appears. What's wrong? My ORACLE_SID environment variable is set to SAPDB

Rita C Workman
Honored Contributor


Here's what Oracle says is the problem:

ORA-12545: Connect failed because target host or object does not exist

Cause: The address specified is not valid, or the program being connected to does not exist.

Action: Ensure the ADDRESS parameters have been entered correctly; the most likely incorrect parameter is the node name. Ensure that the executable for the server exists (perhaps "oracle" is missing.) If the protocol is TCP/IP, edit the TNSNAMES.ORA file to change the host name to a numeric IP address and try again.

You may find this url handy for these types of problems..

Joseph C. Denman
Honored Contributor


The reason is this:

When you run "sqlplus system/manager" oracle is looking for the database to reside on the system you are running the command from. The "@ORACLE_SID" tells oracle that the database is on a different system and check the tnsnames.ora for the connect information.
If I had only read the instructions first??
Andreas D. Skjervold
Honored Contributor


Might add that you can use the enviroment variable TWO_TASK to define the default connect string to be used.
Set to the connect sting alias defined in tnsnames.ora.

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Alexander M. Ermes
Honored Contributor


Hi there.
In this case Joseph's answer is correct.
I tried this from different clients ( HP-UX / WIndows NT / Windows 98 ).
If the tnsnames.ora shows the correct database connections, you have to add the ORACLE_SID to your sqlplus call.
Alexander M. Ermes
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