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SRP Oracle implementation

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SRP Oracle implementation



At the moment i have an application and a few oracle instances living on a single physical server. i have to restrict oracle's use of CPU in order to restrict oracle from grabbing more money from us. The intention is to install the oracle database instance(s) into a HP container (SRP).


1. i don't want (can't have) the application in the container as i need to limit the CPU's to oracle's use

2. because of '1' I'm intending on installing the app into the global view on the same physical box as the container holding oracle

3. because of '2' I need to make sure full communication between the app and oracle is unrestricted

4. because of '3' I'm leaning towards a 'workload' container with ipf NOT running

5. because of '3' (and the existing configuration) i need the container to have the same 'IP' as the physical server


Basically I'm only using HP containers (SRP) to comply with oracle licensing (that is it), i need the simplest method to do this whilst leaving full communication within the physical node between the 'global' view running the app and the oracle container.


I don't want to use a 'system' container as i don't want another OS to manage and that would mean more complications talking to app. 


Am i missing anything? is there any reason why i can't have open communication between the app/oracle? is there any reason i can't have the same IP? i tried to create an SRP with no network and the container doesn't seem to be happy, although if i create it with the same IP as the global physical machine (and specify not to manage it in inetd.conf) it doesn't complain and works.


Also is there any upto date configuration guides? the present ones i have found are using older versions of SRP and not A.03.01.004 which is what i want to use.


Re: SRP Oracle implementation

I'm not SRP expert, but do not your requirement would be better served by using PSets or PRM? Containers seem to be a bit too heavy solution for just limiting CPU usage.

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Dennis Handly
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Re: SRP Oracle implementation

>Containers seem to be a bit too heavy solution for just limiting CPU usage.


We're talking lawyers here.  It is whatever Oracle permits.

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Re: SRP Oracle implementation



PRM is not an acceptable method for restricting oracle licensing (as per the above link) as it is classed as soft partitioning. However SRP is classed as hard partitioning and is OK. Which is crazy as SRP uses PRM under the covers to create the HP container with restricted cores.