Sendmail Client with Authentication

Timothy P. Jackson
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Sendmail Client with Authentication

Hello Everyone,


I am using sendmail client as a smart relay to an outside hosted mail server. We just switched to a new mail provider and they require Authentication. Does anyone have detailed instructions on how to set this up? I have been reading the forums and have seen some posts about this but nothing is really detailed <that I have seen so far>.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!






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Re: Sendmail Client with Authentication

How about this:

See the chapter titled "Using sendmail as a client with AUTH" near the end.


Edit: that seems to require editing too.


In HP-UX, this is done a bit differently: in directory /usr/newconfig/etc/mail/cf/cf, there is a script named "gen_cf". When you run it, it presents you a text-based menu for selecting Sendmail options, and it will create a new for you should you need one. The new will be created as in the same directory as the script.