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Software product numbers

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Roberto Volsa
Frequent Advisor

Software product numbers

could you tell me the product numbers of those HP-UX 11.00 softwares?
Ominback II 3.50
ITO 5.11
NNM 6.01

Thanks a lot
Chris Wilshaw
Honored Contributor

Re: Software product numbers

CPL Product: B6960BA
Codeword Req.: No
Size: 601965538
HP OpenView OmniBack II

Unable to find ITO 5.11, but

CPL Product: B7490AA
Codeword Req.: No
Size: 453667680
IT/Operations A.06.00

Nothing found for NNM as a standalone product.
Paula J Frazer-Campbell
Honored Contributor

Re: Software product numbers


Check out :-

For all your softwaee needs .

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Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: Software product numbers


OmniBack: (no version mentioned)
.SingleDrive for UX B6951AA/AJ
.SingleDrive for NT B6961AA/AJ/AD/AF
.On-line Extension for UX B6955BA
.On-line Extension for NT B6965BA
.MoM Extension for UX B6956AA
.MoM Extension for NT B6966AA
.250 Slot Library Extension B6957BA
and the list goes on - Split Mirror Extensions, Single Server Editions, etc.

ITO:(I couldn't find anything - maybe they changed the name again this week)

. 5.02 for NT J1120AA
. 6.2 for NT J1240AA
. 5.x for UX J1128AB
. 6.2 for UX J1247AA


Cheryl Griffin
Honored Contributor

Re: Software product numbers

You can obtain OV product information from here: (Manuals, demos, products, Patches!! etc.)

OV products/patches are all handled through this site, rather than the other delivery mechanisms you are used to with most other HP products (,,, etc.).

For Product Info:
Look for a Product List link at the left, that takes you to
You have to go into this site a few layers but you'll get to the product number, (for instance from the download site.)

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