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Sybase command DUMP to remote drive

Belinda Dermody
Super Advisor

Sybase command DUMP to remote drive

I have a SYBASE server running 12.0 on a K200 system, the tape drive is down and it will be a couple of days till I get a replacement. Does the DUMP command have the capabilities to do a dump to a remote tape drive. I have tried the server:/dev/rmt/c3t0d0BESTn but it just sits there
David Goldberg_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Sybase command DUMP to remote drive


You can dump the database across the network to a remote BackupServer. The syntax can be found at:;pt=65043?target=%25N%15_65142_START_RESTART_N%25

It looks as if you may have the limitation that you must dump to a server running Sybase BackupServer in order for that to work.

Of course the other option is to dump to disk, and copy the disk files to the tape