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Syntax check

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Frequent Advisor

Syntax check


I have a huge query (runs to 2-3 pages) and this query runs for 3-4 hours in production.
I have made few changes and want to make sure
i havent introduced any syntax issues.

So i want to know a way in which i can check the syntax is proper and at this point really dont want to run the query.

I have Toad g and SQLPlus. But i dont have enough priviledges like checking explain plan,view session info etc..

Honored Contributor

Re: Syntax check

Hit the little "ambulance" icon on your toad screen while you have the code in the sql editor window. This of course gives you the cost of the query, but if there is a syntax error in the sql-code, it can't give you the cost. Therefore, if you get a cost, you don't have a syntax error.

However, what you are asking for is the very purpose of test systems - why don't you run and test the query in a test environment first?
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Re: Syntax check


Test environment has same replica of data as in production.

Thanks once again.
Arturo Galbiati
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Syntax check

copy and paste you SQL query here:

This will format bfor you the query.
Having a query well written will help you a lot to check syntax