To edit remote file via gvim

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To edit remote file via gvim

hi all.
Long time that I have not logged in .
and I'm going to use the gvim tool for modifying remote exsited file.

but it dose not work.

I have one issue. I can't seem to edit remote files with gVim. In particular with gFTP.

I connect to the remote FTP and edit the file (I've set the options to use gvim for editing). It opens the file with gVim normally, and I can change everything. But when I save and quit, the file is not updated on the remote server.

Is there any solution for me to do this?

Sheldon Smith

Re: To edit remote file via gvim

One, it sounds like an issue with gFTP. Have you checked the "gftp-users" forum at ?

Two, looking at the gFTP FAQ, I found the following:
"When using an external editor, gFTP does not detect changes that are being made to the file."
Look at the man page for the editor you are using and see if there is a command line argument to have the editor run in the foreground (it won't fork to detact from the current terminal). If you are using one of the graphical VIM editors, you can add the --nofork argument.

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