Re: USB Problem RedHat 9

Daniel Fourie
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USB Problem RedHat 9

I get the following message in syslog if I try to write data to my external USB disk.

kernel: usb_control/bulk_msg: timeout

Any help appretiated

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Mark Grant
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Re: USB Problem RedHat 9

This seems to be quite a generic error message indicating something is not quite right. I would expect there to be more messages related to the precise error.

However, you might need the latest drivers and usb sub-system so a kernel upgrade might sort you out.

Failing that, it might be something related to IRQ conflicts or even dma settings. Simplest thing is to try and upgrade the kernel if you can.
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Umapathy S
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Re: USB Problem RedHat 9

I will go with Mark's suggestion. Which kernel are you using. I used to get hung when transferring large files (even more than some 30 MB).

I ugraded to 2.4.24 and it all runs fine.

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