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Unicode and java

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Unicode and java

hi to All,
I have to make my java application unicode compatiable . I know that Strings in java are unicode compatiable ....
But i wanted to know thats whts changes i would to make java application unicode !!!!!!!!!
Some changed i know
1)I/O Streams
3) XML Parsing ....

Can any body tell me whts other changes i have to do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Unicode and java


Java natively uses Unicode...actually a Java modified UTF-8 format. That is if the actual "client" connection to the database is from the application server, nothing special would need to be done between the Java console and the Java application server.

For example, to support both English and say Japanese, you require a database character set that universally supports both languages. Hence, for unrestricted multilingual support, you should create your database using the UTF-8 character set.

When you specify your NLS_LANG, you can set your locale and territory to whatever you wish. But the character set specification should be UTF8 to avoid any character set conversion.

For more information and other character set considerations, please see

hope this helps!
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