Update firmware DL380G6

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Update firmware DL380G6

Hello, I've buyed used a ML380G6 dual Processor with P410i controller and 12 GB RAM


I've updated succesfully the BIOS to P62 and I wish to update the controller and backplane because I wish to mount 4 sata 2 TB o 3 TB 2.5" drives. I've already have 4 SAS 146GB 2.5" in RAID 10 where I've installed CENTOS 7.


The server will host a big INNODB database with a plenty of datas. So I will use the SAS RAID for system and INNODB and SATA RAID for files linked in the DB.


I've read that the controller and backplane have been updated with many BIOS that fixes a lot of problem and give support for bigger disks.


Now the P410i is 2.00 and ILO is 1.78.

 (I don't know about backplane and I don't know how to retreive this information)

I've tried to download the firmwares in HP support section, but I cannot find a valid path to apply them.


In the instruction there are link of HP Smart Update Manager on the Firmware Maintenance DVD version 10.00 (that not work) or the  HP Smart Update Manager from the HP Service Pack forProliant (that require a warranty or contract active)


How I can aplly the new firmwares?

And I can apply the last one or I need to apply each revision?


I thank you in advance for any help!


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Re: Update firmware DL380G6

When you run the Firmware Maintenance DVD, select manual upgrade.

It should give you a list of found hardware including which firmware is installed.