Upgrading RAM on Compaq Presario 2500

Michael Kovachik
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Upgrading RAM on Compaq Presario 2500

I have a Compaq Presario 2500 series laptop, kinda old... bought it in August 2003.
The model number is 2570 US

I bought 2 sticks of memory to make it a little faster. From what I found online, it took 2100PC speed, so I bought two sticks that were 1G a piece.

I shut the power down, unplugged all the wires (USB's, Power, speakers, etc) and flipped the laptop over, took the cover off where the RAM goes. I popped the old sticks out and put the new ones in. They were a perfect fit.

I plug everything back in and fire her up... and nothing happens. Well the power comes on, but the screen is black and it is not booting.

*Note, when I had it flipped over, I did try to blow some dust out of the fans and stuff (with my mouth...) I don't know if this had something to do with why it won't work now, but I am getting pissed!

I tried to put the old sticks of RAM back in just so I can get it back to normal and that was a no go as well!!! The power kicks on, but the screen is just black and won't do anything!


Thanks in advanced
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Re: Upgrading RAM on Compaq Presario 2500

Did you ever get a reply from your post? I am having the same problem and want to resolve it.
Michael Kovachik
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Re: Upgrading RAM on Compaq Presario 2500

Yes, I did figure out the problem. It could not handle 2GB of RAM. I had to return the sticks I bought and then by two 512MB sticks. So now the laptop has 1GB of RAM total. From the factory, my laptop had two 256MB sticks.

Hope this helps you.

The new sticks I bought were: