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Victor Salvador_1
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User Restriction

I created a user named "test", I need that this user cannot back any directory from your default "path" in /home/test/. If it is possible in TELNET and FTP.
MiQUET Pascal
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Re: User Restriction

according to telnet you may use the rsh (as restricted shell) to avoid some commands. But I do believe that the cd command is not allowed even if there is some "test" diretories in his home.
You should managed this kind of actions with Unix right access, and put the test user into a specific restricted group.

For the ftp, you may use the /etc/ftpaccess to set restriction.
man ftpaccess or man ftpd should gives you more informations.
Hope that h
Hal Rottenberg
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Re: User Restriction

What you want to look into is "chroot". If you chroot a process, then the directory you specify appears as the root for that user.

There is a lot written about this subject, but this seemed a good article to start with.

After reading that go to Google and for specifics.

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