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Version control software for unix


Version control software for unix

Hi Masters,
We are having HP-UX 11.x and TRU-64 unix and Oracle 8i database and Developer 6i frontend. We are having more than 1000 forms fmb and fmx. Whcih software we can use on unix platform for version control of fmbs or fmx.

Thanks in advance.
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H.Merijn Brand (procura
Honored Contributor

Re: Version control software for unix

Though not the most modern and sofisticated system, SCCS is freely available on both by default and fits the needs.

OTOH if you are to edit the modules/files with multiple developers and/or need multiple active branches, SCCS has serious drawbacks, and considering open source systems like RCS and CVS. Another point of interrest might be if you want it available on Windows platforms.

If you are new, check out open source projects, they are maintained worldwide, whereas SCCS has stopped developing. There is also a very new revision control system available of which I forgot the name (subversion?), but it is very promising, but as far as I undertood, not yet ready for production use. I know that Rafael Garcia-Suarez has been looking at it for perl source control.

Start here:

Enjoy, have FUN! H.Merijn
Enjoy, Have FUN! H.Merijn
Brian M Rawlings
Honored Contributor

Re: Version control software for unix

If you run Oracle, they have an interesting add-on (pay) module called 'internet file system', with a related 'content' control piece. Like Oracle, it's not free, but the blurb about it on their website looks useful, with check-in/check-out, etc, for rev control and collaborative environments...

Not everybody wants the responsibility and (sometimes) extra work of going with an open-source, self-supported doodad.

Regards, --bmr
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Angus Crome
Honored Contributor

Re: Version control software for unix

There are a plethora of systems out there (some free, some not).

A few examples (in order of cost);

SCCS - Standard with most Unices.
RCS - Standard with most Unices.
CVS - Freeware and licensed versions are available.
PCVS - Medium cost, decent GUI front end for management.
ClearCase (from Rational) "this is probably the most extensive, and most expensive tool in the genre". This generally requires a semi-dedicated person to setup and manage.

There are many others, but these are generally the most pervasive that I have found.
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Graham Cameron_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Version control software for unix

SCCS may be built into unix, but it can only handle ascii files.
It's a long time since I used Oracle forms, but I remember in the days of forms 4.5 we tried to use sccs for saving the ascii version of the forms (.fmb ??) but we were then hitting the limit of 100,000 lines - the forms files were massive and sccs has this hard limit.
Have you considered Oracle Designer 6i/9i ? In addition to the traditional date repository tools it also supports a full version control system.
You'll find lots more on Oracle sites, eg

- Graham
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Tom Jackson
Valued Contributor

Re: Version control software for unix


Some version control software will integrate with development environments, making the repository convenient for developers. I use an integrated development environment (IDE) that is compatible with ClearCase and CVS. You may want to investigate both development environments and compatible version control software.

Rainer von Bongartz
Honored Contributor

Re: Version control software for unix

I strongly recommend RCS which is
built in into HP-UX.

It's more flexible compared to SCCS.
I use RCS for years very succesfully.

look at and search for RCS

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Re: Version control software for unix


Checkout CCC/Harvest, visit for more info.

Supported platforms include:
Servers: HP-UX; Solaris; IBM AIX; DIGITIAL UNIX; & Win NT

Clients: HP-UX; Sun Solaris; IBM AIX; DIGITAL UNIX; Win 9x; Win NT; OS/2; SGI IRIX

Relational Database: Oracle 7.34 and higher!

CCC/Harvest provides integrated change & configuration managment plus version control, problem tracking, release management, concurrent development, parellel development, automated build management, interactive merge support, emergency maintanence management, plus vendor code management and eneterprise management too.
Chris Vail
Honored Contributor

Re: Version control software for unix

We use Visual Source Safe for our development systems. We use CIFS mounted drives to the Win2k systems for our HP-ux and Tru-64 development systems, and the developers seem to be happy with it. Personally, I'd rather have my butt kicked than recommend a M$ product, but it IS cheap, like most M$ items.

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Version control software for unix

WE have a very similar environment to yours.

We are running Merant's PVCS, its not overly expensive and we use CIFS/9000(Samba) to export certain important directories on our 9000 boxes and PVCS handles version control.

We are still looking for a way to make the oracle objects compile whne PVCS places them. Right now its an overly agressive cron job that finds new files and puts together the proper compile commands.

It even knows to the degree its author(me) understands when dependent objects require recompile.

Here is a link to CIFS

Regards and good luck,

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation