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Whats wrong with parted command ?


Whats wrong with parted command ?

Hi All,

I connected a 2.14 TB LUN to my linux RHEL 4 x86 client machine. On this LUN, the fdisk comamnd is showing the correct size of the LUN.

[root@cvxpt13 /]# fdisk -l /dev/sdq

Disk /dev/sdq: 2199.0 GB, 2199023255552 bytes
255 heads, 62 sectors/track, 271661 cylinders
Units = cylinders of 15810 * 512 = 8094720 bytes

Disk /dev/sdq doesn't contain a valid partition table
[root@cvxpt13 /]#

But on the same LUN parted command is failing with Floating Point Exception.

[root@cvxpt13 /]# parted -s /dev/sdq print
Floating point exception
[root@cvxpt13 /]#

Can any one explain why parted command is failing.

-Masthan D