Workload management software

Paul Thomson_2
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Workload management software

m wondering if anyone has any recommendations they could make concerning workload management software ?

Imagine i have two workloads (applications) running on a system and at certain times of the day, I want one to be able to operate using higher CPU / disk IO etc than the other.

I could re prioritise the programs. However, I am thinking I would like to be able to set how much resource each workload uses.

For example

Workload 1

upto 70% CPU
up n% memory
n disk i/O
n network sockets.

Workload 2

upto 30% CPU
n% of memory
n disk i/o
n network sockets

Anyone have any ideas ? I would be looking for this to run on redhat 3 and 4 AS.

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Ivan Ferreira
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Re: Workload management software

Probably, you could use XEN virtualization for this kind of requirements. Red Hat 5 Has full virtualization capabilities.

I tested cpulimit, a simple c program to limit the % cpu for a process.

Memmory cannot be limited unless the program provides a configuration for that.

Disk I/O cannot be prorized unless the process has more or less priority (nice/renice).
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