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Write Authorization for directory /oracle /oracle/stage

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Arlindo Ferreira_1
Occasional Contributor

Write Authorization for directory /oracle /oracle/stage


We are trying to upgrade oracle 8.05 64-bit to 8.1.7 64-bit on HP-UX 11.00 64-bit.
In the preparation procedure we must check write authorization for directory /oracle with command "touch /oracle/write_test", but the user ora does'nt have permition to write. After make "chmod 775 /oracle" the same error occur...
The user/group of the directory /oracle and /oracle/stage is root, it is correct?

Arlindo Ferreira.
Alexander M. Ermes
Honored Contributor

Re: Write Authorization for directory /oracle /oracle/stage

Hi thgere.
The owner:group should be oracle:dba.
Alexander M. Ermes
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Andreas D. Skjervold
Honored Contributor

Re: Write Authorization for directory /oracle /oracle/stage


The user/group of oracle installation directories should be oracle/dba.
(oracle beeing software owner and dba the osdba group)

and the chmod 775 is OK for this dir.

The Oracle8i installation introduces a new oracle install-group (oinstall) that is causing some confusion. If you use it, just make oracle member of both oinstall and dba groups.

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Ruediger Noack
Valued Contributor

Re: Write Authorization for directory /oracle /oracle/stage

No, it isn't correct.
See the installation manual from your oracle product. The installation havat to execute from oracle dba. Then all installed files owned by oracle dba (group dba). Some additional right are to be set with postinstall script from root.
You have to change all the files with chown.
chown -R :
Notify your main program named oracle has s-bit like this: -rwsr-sr-x

Volker Borowski
Honored Contributor

Re: Write Authorization for directory /oracle /oracle/stage

Oh, oh,

I always tend to be extremly carefull with

chmod -R
chown -R
chgrp -R

I have seen so many systems, where lost+found had been set to wrong settings with one of these.

You need write permissions on /oracle only for the installation/upgrade and can remove it afterwards. If you have more than one database or database versions, keep in mind, that with 8.1.7 you will get a diffrent ORACLE_HOME, another fact to be very carefull with the commands mentioned above.

The installation process is quite tolerant on this. If you get an error (root has dropped a script somwhere, where the install likes to remove it *typical*), you get a clear message what is wrong, can correct it in a second shell and reprocess. No need for global "chXXX -R" commands.