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async writes possible on JFS ?

Raj Patel_1
Occasional Advisor

async writes possible on JFS ?

I am planning the design of a new N class server running Oracle 8.1.6. One issue we have is deciding whether to use raw or use JFS.

Once issue which our DBAs have raised is whether async io can be used on JFS.

I have been advised that async io is NOT possible on HP without using raw volumes.

Can anyone confirm if this is true ? We need to use async io, but would prefer to use JFS under LVM control.

Thanks in advance
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: async writes possible on JFS ?


Take a look at this thread:,1150,0xf97e37f45ef7d4118fef0090279cd0f9,00.html

Document #KBAN00000258 has a very good overview of the vxfs mount options and "useful" combination suggestions.

Paula J Frazer-Campbell
Honored Contributor

Re: async writes possible on JFS ?

This may help, be aware that in the event of a crash when using fs_async =1 that data corruption is more prevelent.

This also may help:-

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