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cannot open /dev/kmem: Permission denied

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Engo Armand-Blaise
Frequent Advisor

cannot open /dev/kmem: Permission denied

Hi all,

When running the command "svrmgrl" , it is not been successful :
cyb_hpux [ /cyborg/app/oracle/product/806 ] $ l -ltr /dev/kmem
crw-r----- 1 bin sys 3 0x000001 Jul 20 2001 /dev/kmem
cyb_hpux [ /cyborg/app/oracle/product/806 ] $ svrmgrl

Oracle Server Manager Release - Production

(c) Copyright 1999, Oracle Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

cannot open /dev/kmem: Permission denied
Assertion failed: !(fgets(hardwareAddr, (STRLEN-1), fstream) == NULL), file snlu
i.c, line 1250
cyb_hpux [ /cyborg/app/oracle/product/806 ] $

Would you please assist me.

Best regards,

T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: cannot open /dev/kmem: Permission denied

When the client programs are invoked it uses the lanscan command.

the problem should be on the permission of


The permissions should be

-r-sr-xr-x 1 root bin 32768 Jun 10 1996 lanscan


Christian Gebhardt
Honored Contributor

Re: cannot open /dev/kmem: Permission denied


if you have a metalink-account look at DocID 1041966.6

Short summary:


Problem Description: ====================
You are on version 10.20 of the HP 9000 Series HP-UX operating system and you are invoking a client program, such as SQL*Plus and you receive the following error:
When invoking svrmgrl, you receive the following error: cannot open /dev/kmem: Execute permission denied. Assertion failed: !(fgets(hardwareAddr, (STRLEN -1), fstream)==NULL ), file snlui.c, line 1210 abort message...

Problem Explanation: ====================
When client programs are invoked on HP-UX, the hardware address is obtained by using "lanscan". If you receive this error, the user that you are logged in as does not have permissions to run the executable "lanscan".

Solution Description: =====================
Make sure that all users have execute permissions for "lanscan" by doing the following:
1. Change locations to the "/usr/sbin" directory % cd /usr/sbin
2. Do a long listing on "lanscan" % ls -l lanscan
3. Verify the permissions on "lanscan" are set to the following: -r-sr-xr-x 1 root bin 32768 Jun 10 1996 lanscan*
4. If the ownership of the file is not root, the third column in step 3. Then log on as the root user, and change the ownership on "lanscan" to the following: # chown root lanscan
5. If permissions do not look like the example in Step 3, then log on as the root user, and change the permissions on "lanscan" to the following: # chmod 4555 lanscan Solution

Explanation: =====================
By changing the permissions and ownership on "lanscan", all users will be able to execute it, allowing the hardware address to be obtained when invoking a client connection. For more information on "lanscan", check the man pages on HP-UX.

Honored Contributor

Re: cannot open /dev/kmem: Permission denied


Log in as root.

#chmod u+s /usr/sbin/lanscan


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