compiling the kernel

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compiling the kernel


I am using fedora, and i was trying to mount my windows xp partitions ( ntfs partition).
I got an erro that the ntfs type is not supported.
I need to know how I can recompile my kernel to enable this feature ?

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Re: compiling the kernel

which kernel are you using? uname -a post this information. May be your kernel is not supporting NTFS file system sharing. which fedora version you are having? Upgrade to 4 now.

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Alexander Chuzhoy
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Re: compiling the kernel

if you use latest versions of fedora-you'll also need to download the kernel-source.
What I suggest you is to download the rpm that does all the work for you. Otherwise tell us what version of fedora you use.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: compiling the kernel

Shalom linux,

By default Fedora Core does not install the ntfs mount kernel code unless you define an NTFS filesystem at install. Thats how I force the kernel module at install time without having to do the manual procedure.

One of those guys above should do it for you.

Steven E Protter
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Ivan Ferreira
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Re: compiling the kernel

You can install the ntfs support to the current kernel using yum.

yum install kernel-module-ntfs-$(uname -r)

Ensure that yum (/etc/yum.conf) is correctly configured (Normally it is). You need full Internet connection for this to work.
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Sergejs Svitnevs
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Re: compiling the kernel

You need the kernel-ntfs package installed.
Download it from:

and execute "insmod ntfs", then "mount -t ntfs ..."