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I am new to UNIX and have begun my training with an old HP C3600 v11.11. It has all the latest updates. So far I have installed the OS, loaded the most current Ignite sofware from the web, backed up and restored an Ignite. This is current extent of my knowledge on this topic.

The dashboard provided with this is helping me to get a better feel for HP-UX as it provides a nice file manager and knowing VI is less critical. It also has some tools that made setting up a 300GB HD for extra space a little easier.

I now have a way into the box over IP (Hummingbird v7) that gives me a GUI in Ignite but not the dashboard. How can I gain access to the Dashboard?
give my right brain some warning will ya?
Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: dashboard

>How can I gain access to the Dashboard?

Are you talking about CDE?