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db oracle in two nodes cluster


db oracle in two nodes cluster

I have a cluster with two nodes and one package.
I have create the database from node A with control file and system datafile on the package.
Then I have copied the oratab, initshared.ora on node B.
I have tried to start oracle instance on node B.
Why doesn't it work?
I'm quite new to oracle?
Do I have to do something on node B before starting oracle.
The database is not in archivelog mode.
Thank you


Re: db oracle in two nodes cluster

I forgot to say that from node A it works fine
Brian Crabtree
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Re: db oracle in two nodes cluster

Hmmm. Most likely, you do not have your volume groups mounted correctly on your secondary system. I can list out the commands needed, however they will need to be modified for your enviroment.

On your nodeA:

For each volume group, you will need to run the following commands:

# You want the minor number for this group
ll /dev//group
vgchange -a n /dev/
vgexport -s -p -v -m .map /dev/
vgchange -S y -c y /dev/
vgchange -a s /dev/

You will need to copy the .map files to nodeB.

On your nodeB (for each volume group):

mkdir /dev/
mknod /dev//group c 64 <# step 1 above>
vgimport -s -p -v -m .map /dev/
vgchange -a s /dev/

You might be able to get better information from Oracle on how this should be built. You will need to verify that the cluster software (MC/Serviceguard OPS edition) is installed, and you need to make sure that the DLM is configured correctly. I wouldn't recommend attempting to build an OPS cluster without training in Oracle administration basics, and I would suggest getting a book or taking a class on OPS administration as well.

Karthik S S
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Re: db oracle in two nodes cluster


follow this thread in which we had some similar discussions ...,,0x95ab3a1c04ffd61190050090279cd0f9,00.html


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V. V. Ravi Kumar_1
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Re: db oracle in two nodes cluster

on the node B, u should have all the directories which are specified in init.ora. also the directories related to VG in /dev should have 777 permissions. if the datafile and controlfile are on raw slices they also should have 666 permissions. Before actually test this thorough Fail Over, first test with manual vgchange.

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