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display man pages

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display man pages

Hi folks,
I've installed RH Linux 7.2 on my HP Pavilion 4563Z desktop. Also have Win 98 on my PC. I'm unable to view man pages in Linux. The error I get is "groff: couldn't exec troff I/O error" Please hlp.
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Balaji N
Honored Contributor

Re: display man pages

That I/O error makes me think that there is some hardware problems. is your hard disk good.

do this and see if everything is ok.

dd if=/dev/ of=/dev/null bs=2048k

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Stuart Browne
Honored Contributor

Re: display man pages

is the 'groff' package installed?

Check with the command:

rpm -q groff

the 'groff' package should also provide 'troff' (but you can check this by issuing:

rpm -ql groff | grep troff

If it is, then you'll need to check that the man pages are installed correctly into the correct path (/usr/man/ and /usr/share/man/), and are readable by the user spitting the error out.

If all of this is correct, then verify that the 'groff' package hasn't been corrupted by issuing:

rpm -V groff

If you see no output, everything is happy.

Hope this helps you a bit.
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Re: display man pages

Thanks guys. Stuart you are genius! The -V option told me that there were some files missing, hence I reinstalled groff amd man packages. It works fine now. Thanks again guys!
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