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dumb mail question

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Ron Irving
Trusted Contributor

dumb mail question

I hate to be a bother, but is there any way to get my 10.20 server to send the root mail from cron to my home email address?

Just curious...

Ron Irving
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Mark Vollmers
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Re: dumb mail question


Not a dumb question. The short answer is you can, but you have to have it set up right. First off, in sendmail, you have to have the server able to send mail to an outside source (like using DNS). If you've got problems there, search for sendmail; you'll see it's the bane of many administrators lives. Once it is configured right, you can either have cron email results directly to you (for example, in the fbackup script in SAM, there is a part to specify recipient). You also could have all root's mail forwarded. Sorry this is general, but I havn't done it myself, so I don't know the specific steps.

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Sachin Patel
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Re: dumb mail question

Hi Ron,
you can do that.

At my work. We have lotus notes accepting email from one unix server. all other unix systems sends there email to unix mail server and then unix mail server forward that to notes server.

Main file involve is /etc/mail/
you can start sendmaild at boot time from /etc/rc.config.d/mailservs.

Define unix mail server as MX record in DNS.


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Re: dumb mail question

Hi Ron,

In /etc/mail/aliases add the entry for root


then issue "newaliases"
that's it. you should now receive all root's mail to the user1's account.


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Re: dumb mail question

Hello Ron,

why not just put your "other" e-mail address into your
root's "$HOME/.forward" file? Then the sendmail on that
server will forward mail meant for "root" to the address
in there - quite an old feature.