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enter run level

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enter run level

rebooted a host, rp4400 11.23 this weekend and its prompting me for a run-level.  to my knowledge had never done this b4.

does anyone know how to make it auto boot into run level 3 with no human interaction?  thank you!

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Re: enter run level

Normally, the default runlevel (usually 3 for servers) is specified in the "initdefault" line of /etc/inittab, so the system will boot to the specified runlevel automatically.


If the system is prompting for a runlevel, it probably means your /etc/inittab has a typo or some other corruption or has been removed. (It would be a rather strange choice to intentionally comment out or remove the initdefault line from /etc/inittab.)


If /etc/inittab does not exist, you can probably still boot the system to single-user mode, run "mountall", then copy the factory-default inittab from /usr/newconfig/etc/inittab to /etc. This should allow the system to at least boot up so far that networking can be started, although some optional and/or third-party software may not start up. You should then find the latest valid /etc/inittab from your backups (you do have backups, right?) and put it in its proper place, and reboot.


If /etc/inittab exists, compare it to the factory-default inittab and see if you can identify the problem and fix it. Also check the timestamp of the /etc/inittab before modifying it and see if you can find out if any major system changes were done that day: software installed/removed, major configuration changes, etc.