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fail to send mail to certain domain

Mohd Rasidi Che Mat
Frequent Advisor

fail to send mail to certain domain

Hi all,
our server is hpux 11.31 & sendmail is running (but sendmail is for receiving email, right?).
I'm able to send email to my yahoo address but fail to send to email at hp dot com.

any ideas?
Mohd Rasidi Che Mat
Frequent Advisor

Re: fail to send mail to certain domain

have google the error msg "Sender address rejected: Malformed DNS server reply" but can't find why only fail when sending to certain domain.
Elmar P. Kolkman
Honored Contributor

Re: fail to send mail to certain domain

The running sendmail daemon is for receiving mail and for sending mail that is still in the queue.
You can run without the daemon if you run a sendmail once in a while for jobs still on the queue or if your queue stays empty (your mail is always delivered at the relays when you send it).

As for the problem: try to question your DNS server for the MX records of and Apperently the response for the latter is not accepted by your sendmail...
Every problem has at least one solution. Only some solutions are harder to find.
Valued Contributor

Re: fail to send mail to certain domain

Hi Mohd

Elmer is right I think your problem is the DNS ( resolutaion of names )

Try to resolve the HP site:


What is concerned to sendmail. Sendmail is used to send and receive email's.

You can configura a relay host ( a mail server ) in the /etc/mail/

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: fail to send mail to certain domain


Basically, each domain has its own set of rules for receiving inbound mail.

I'm pretty strict with mine, but here are the rules.

1) The IP address of the sender match the domain in a public ip lookup. e.g., if I say that I am, that a dns lookup on my ip address succeed.
2) Reverse lookup may be required. Most don't do it, but those domains that do, require a match to the ISP record and domain. ISP assistance is needed to make this work.
3) There are recipient number limits commonly used as well.
4) Many, many mail systems will not accept mail from a DHCP allocated IP address.

Based on the error you get from the data posted above is probably what is causing the issue. hp may have a email address or website that will guide you on the requirements to deliver mail to their system.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Mohd Rasidi Che Mat
Frequent Advisor

Re: fail to send mail to certain domain

thanks for replies but still not working though. relay server is already configured before. we are working with exchange team.