file limit size exceeded

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Francisco J. Soler
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file limit size exceeded

Hello all, i am trying to download a very large file with wget -c urlname
when the file size is 2.147.483.647 (2Gb aprox.) the wget exits with file limit size exceeded.

How can i increase the file limit size?

I have Fedora core1.

Linux?. Yes, of course.
Abdul Rahiman
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Re: file limit size exceeded

I think your current Kernel doesn't have the large file support > 2GB. If the FS is ext/2 FAT32, you wont' have large file support.
Based on my limited knowledge, to have LFS, You should upgrade to ext3 or xfs which can
handle files more than 2GB.
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Vernon Brown_4
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Re: file limit size exceeded

The man pages suggest that .wgetrc is a config file for wget. You may find some file size entries there.
Stuart Browne
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Re: file limit size exceeded

Unless you're using a 18-24 month old distribution, then the issue isn't your filesystem.

The issue is 'wget'. A thread has been raised regarding this previously ( ).

For the record, that number is 2GB, to the byte (1024^3 * 2 - 1).

This limit isn't a configurable one, it's a limit on the object-type used to store the data pointers I beleive, but I don't know enough C to confirm that.

If using such large file sizes, I'd suggest a different protocol to transfer it.
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: file limit size exceeded

fedora Core by default sets up filesystems that are bigger than 2 gb to accept large files.

If it was smaller and you expanded it, I don't know.

This is probably a wget problem which means you can't do anything about it, except change your transfer methodology.

Steven E Protter
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Francisco J. Soler
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Re: file limit size exceeded

Hi all,
thanks all for your responses:

Abdul, i have ext3 and have kernel support for more than 2Gb. This is not the problem, but thanks anyway.

Vernon: I have not .wgetrc, so i think wget is using their default values.

Stuart and Steven: I think you are right, i have tried with ncftp and get more than 2Gb without any problem.

Linux?. Yes, of course.