firmware upgrade from linux?

Andrew D. Arenson
New Member

firmware upgrade from linux?

I believe I need to upgrade the firmware on my Colorado 8GB travan tape drive, because I'm getting the error:

/sbin/restore: Tape read error on first record

with the /var/log/messages line:

...kernel: ide-tape: ht0: I/O error, pc = 8, key = 5, asc = 2c, ascq = 0

and I read a reply, by Allen Delehoy, to a previous question about the 5GB tape drive that suggested upgrading to version 2.08 of the firmware.

I don't know how to check the firmware of my drive, but I've had it since 1999 and the HP support website says the firmware version 2.08 was released in 2000.

Unfortunately, the HP support website only has instructions for upgrading the firmware from various Windows OSs. How do I do this from Linux?

As a last resort, I have a Win2K box, also. The firmware upgrade doesn't list Win2k as being supported. Does anyone know if the HP-provided, windows firmware upgrade exe will work from win2k?