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ftp return values

Rick Taylor
Occasional Contributor

ftp return values

Is there a way to retrieve return values for ftp from within a korn shell script?
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Mike McKinlay
Honored Contributor

Re: ftp return values

Not sure what you mean here, but if you use the verbose switch you'll see all the answer-backs you get from the server. This will include the message number and text.

ftp -v
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Devbinder Singh Marway
Valued Contributor

Re: ftp return values

you can use here document in your script and then check if the ftp was successfull or not

AAA=$(ftp -n hostname 2>&1 << EOD
user (name of user)
put /get file

if [[ -n $AAA ]]
print ftp was not successfull

hope this helps

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Bart Paulusse
Respected Contributor

Re: ftp return values

Here's the way I've solved the problem. (see attachment)
you have to be careful with the returncodes. Some rare event might result in a returncode that is not monitored in your script and promptly mess up your returncode handling.
I have to adjust the script regularly.
Some ftp commands are different or don't even exist on other versions of ftp (e.g. in Windows NT)