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getconf return values

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Jan Meijer
Occasional Advisor

getconf return values


When I issue getconf CPU_VERSION it returns on some machines value 528 and on others 532. I suspect it has something to do with CPU-architecture (RISC 1.1 -> 528, RISC 2.0 -> 532). Can someone confirm this? And, what is the meaning of the returned valus? I couldn?t find an explanation in man pages.

Alex Glennie
Honored Contributor

Re: getconf return values

To determine the architecture version of the system,
execute the following command:
extract from Patch Name: PHSS_18609.text :
confirmed ? :)
"getconf CPU_VERSION"

This will return an integer which can be mapped
to the PA-RISC architecture version as follows:

528 PA 1.1
532 PA 2.0
Dave Kelly_1
Respected Contributor

Re: getconf return values

From /usr/include/sys/unistd.h

# define CPU_HP_MC68020 0x20C /* Motorola MC68020 */
# define CPU_HP_MC68030 0x20D /* Motorola MC68030 */
# define CPU_HP_MC68040 0x20E /* Motorola MC68040 */
# define CPU_PA_RISC1_0 0x20B /* HP PA-RISC1.0 */
# define CPU_PA_RISC1_1 0x210 /* HP PA-RISC1.1 */
# define CPU_PA_RISC1_2 0x211 /* HP PA-RISC1.2 */
# define CPU_PA_RISC2_0 0x214 /* HP PA-RISC2.0 */
# define CPU_PA_RISC_MAX 0x2FF /* Maximum value for HP PA-RISC systems */

Therefore PA_RISC1_1 is 528 and CPU_PA_RISC2_0 is 532
Honored Contributor

Re: getconf return values


grep $(getconf _SC_CPU_VERSION |awk '{printf("0x%X\n",$0)}') /usr/include/sys/unistd.h

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