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how do i get the boot manager back?

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how do i get the boot manager back?

I finally got Linux installed. I used the Caldera eDesktop 2.4 distro. Heres the problem I ran into. I used partition commander originally to create some free space for the installer to auto allocate the parittions.

When I went back to run partition commander after the install, I got a message saying that there was not enough ram and then when it rebooted the comptuer it booted to a blinker, instead of the Caldera boot manager. Here is my question. If I reinstall partition commander and then use System Commander, then where would I direct the program to boot linux? Or if that is not possible, then how do I get the regular caldera boot manager back? Right now I can boot into windows regularly and then use a floppy to boot into Linux.

Please help, but its not an emergency.

BTW, when I went to mount my CDRW, it said write protected no medium and would not mount it. What do I do now? Otherwise I have mounted my windows partition and I can read and write to it. Also, for some odd reason the Samaba conf files were not installed and I need that to access my windows networked printer.

Thanks for all you help,

Vincenzo Restuccia
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Re: how do i get the boot manager back?

Run new installation select "update".