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how to forward snmp traps in linux?

how to forward snmp traps in linux?

Hi All,

I have around 9 servers running RHEL 4 update 8 and I have only one connection from one from the servers called SAC to the SNMP Manager, hence I've to configure 8 servers to send their snmp traps to that server SAC then will configure the SAC to forward all traps to the SNMP Manager.

I think that I know how to configure the 8 servers to send SNMP traps to SAC but i don't know how to configure SAC to forward traps the SNMP Manager.

any idea how this can be done?

John Guster
Trusted Contributor

Re: how to forward snmp traps in linux?

the methodologly is the same for 8 to SAC, then SAC to SNMP manager. Can you post how you configure 8 to SAC?

Re: how to forward snmp traps in linux?

I will add these to the snmp configuration file /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf. These two lines should be added to define the trap sink:

trapcommunity public
trap2sink SAC_IP

then restart the snmp daemon
service snmpd restart

are you sure if i did the same in SAC it will work as expected?

to be like this
trapcommunity public
trap2sink SNMPManager_IP