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how to recreate database and import my data.

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Charles Egbon
Regular Advisor

how to recreate database and import my data.

Hi Guys,
I am running oracle on HPUX 11i. I want to export my data, drop my existing database, recreate the database and import my data. I like to request detailed action steps on how I can achieve it.


Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: how to recreate database and import my data.

This is strictly and only an Oracle question and thus probably better asked in an Oracle Forum.

It is also a very generic and common question, so PLEASE look around for earlier answers and then ask for specific details as they might appy to your setup.

"detailed action steps" can be found in the Oracle (online) documentation as well as earlier replies. Search for it, Read it!

You may want to google for (quoted) "control file to trace" besides the obvious : +oracle +recreate +database

Basic method:
- document al steps as you go/learn!
- grab control file definition
- export (all)
- recreate with control file SQL
- apply catalog.sql, pupbld and such
- load yoru data (no index is my preference)
- create your indexes

Good luck!

Honored Contributor

Re: how to recreate database and import my data.


If you have enough resources, you can as well create another database on the same server and import the data before you actually drop the old database.


1. Create a new database
use the dbca utility

2. Import and export data
Questions: how many custom schemas do you have?
(if you have only a few, it would be much easier to perform the import and export)

kind regards
No person was ever honoured for what he received. Honour has been the reward for what he gave (clavin coolidge)
Super Advisor

Re: how to recreate database and import my data.

Below is the kinda syntax that I use:-

Oracle database dumping & loading
1. Shut down all instances associated with the database.
2. Start up the database so that it can be accessed only by DBAs as in the following example:
3. Perform a full database export (FULL=Y) to backup the entire database.
source .cshrc920
Oracle 9.2.0 Server
ORACLE_HOME = /ora1/app/oracle/product/9.2.0

exp system/T843BTDADMFX FULL=y FILE=/home/nick/exp-BTDADMFX.dmp LOG=/home/nick/exp-BTDADMF

imp system/T843BTDADMFX FULL=y IGNORE=y COMMIT=N FILE=/home/nick/exp-BTDADMFX.dmp

So you need to take a full dump of your database first, then drop it, create the new database and then load up the dump that you took before you dropped the original database