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informix 4gl

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informix 4gl

hi all
i have hp-ux v.10.20 and informix V 5.05 UC6
i want to know if i have 4gl installed with our database or not.
i tryed to run command swlist.
but it didn't retreive any thing about informix.
and if it exist .where is the default path for it.
many thanks
Alex Lavrov.
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Re: informix 4gl


swlist | grep -i inform
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Rajeev Shukla
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Re: informix 4gl

Hi Kamal,
Informix is not installed through swinstall so you wont find anything in swlist
To check if you have informix 4GL installed or not go to $INFORMIXDIR/bin (which is the base directory where the informix is installed) and you should have a file called i4gl
i4gl -v and you should get the version of 4GL installed like this
INFORMIX-4GL Version 7.30.HC4

T G Manikandan
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Re: informix 4gl

The informix software is installed on most of the unix plarforms using RPM tools.

On hpux it is not available on depot format so that this can be recognized using 'swlist'.

Rajeev is right,check the $INFORMIXDIR/bin for the product executables.

Darren Etheridge_2
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Re: informix 4gl

Login as informix and use these commands

1. To see if you have runtime and the version

fglgo -v

2. To see if you have the compiler

fglpc -v

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Re: informix 4gl

Hi Kamal,

You can also try
cat .snfile
Has all the product Info

(Usually INFORMIXDIR is /usr/informix)
You can also try
This will take you to the menu interface

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Re: informix 4gl

many thanks for all
i haven't 4gl installed on my server
thanks for help