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Occasional Visitor error

when install oracle,insert the fourth disk into the server,this error appear.
(sorry for my poor english level) !

Indira Aramandla
Honored Contributor

Re: error

Hi Dikef,

More info on the install log would help in proper analysis. Anyway the error that you encountered "Error in invoking target ntcontab.o of makefile" then verify the following.

1. Make sure that LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set correctly.

2. Check if $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/shrept.lst exists. If it is missing then you can extract the shrept.lst from the CD Number 1

3. Make sure you have the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) version

4. Verify, if you have CC compiler in /usr/ccs/bin. This is bundled C compiler from HP-UX.
Check where is CC compiler located on the server and use that one in the $PATH environmental variable and try to install again.

Indira A
Never give up, Keep Trying